MONTA Pack 281 PVC Carton Sealing Tape | Tan

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$25.20 - $143.50

MONTA Pack 281 PVC Carton Sealing Tape | Tan - made of a high quality PVC and natural rubber adhesive. We hear this is the new tape preferred by art handlers - we think it is pretty great too.  If you liked the old "Made In Italy" tape - you will love this one.

Ideal for slip-cases and shadow boxes - works great on poly too. The natural rubber adhesive grips instantly in cold and humid conditions and will work with most high recycled content cartons. It tears by hand without curling but works great in a tape gun. And it is quiet!

Note these rolls are 55 yards so be sure to throw an extra one in your install kit.  Meets UPS, U.S. Postal Service, Freight Rule 222 and RR Carload requirements.

Available in packs of 6 or by the case (36 rolls).

  • Color: Tan (Havana Brown)
  • Width: 48mm
  • Length: 55 yd
  • Thickness: 2.1 mil