Tradecraft Tube Set | For Rolled Canvas

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$130.00 - $150.00

The Tradecraft Tube Set has everything you need for shipping or transporting a rolled canvas - just add artwork and a few strips of packing tape.  You can even place unassembled stretcher bars inside the inner tube. When selecting size be sure to account for full width of the canvas.  


  • One 6 Inch Diameter Inner Tube with Recycled Foam Collars (.160" wall tube)
  • One 10 Inch Diameter Outer Tube (.188" wall tube)
  • One sheet of 3 Mil Hi-Clarity Poly | 10 feet long
  • Two Plastic End Caps

Packing Instructions:

  • We recommend rolling your canvas face out. 
  • Spread out the provided poly sheeting and tape one end to small tube. 
  • Roll poly sheeting around tube at least once to cover the tube and tape (you don't want your artwork to touch the tape or tube).
  • Place canvas face down on remaining sheeting and carefully roll making sure to avoid wrinkles in the canvas or poly sheeting.
  • Once canvas is rolled, continue wrapping remaing poly sheeitng around tube.
  • Tape entire seam of poly sheeting and tape both ends of poly sheeting to achieve a full seal. Pro Tip | We always appreicate courtesy or friendship tabs on the tape - makes it easier (and safer) to unpack. Just fold the tape in on itself at the end to make it easy to pull off.
  • Slide smaller tube with rolled canvas into larger tube.
  • Insert end caps. The end caps hold tight - but we recommend taping them for extra security.  

Each artwork's handling needs are unique - please be cautious when rolling. Ensure that your unstretched canvas can be safely rolled. Paint, especially thickly applied, can crack when rolled. And if your paint is still wet - don't roll it!  

Please note that tubes are not archival and not meant for long term storage.