Crate Screws | #8 Zinc Plated Wafer Head Screws

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Product Overview

Wafer Head screws are our screw of choice for attaching crate lids.  Why do we love them?  No need for a washer! 

Tradecraft Supply stocks them in 3 sizes.  We recommend the 2 1/2 inch screws for most crating applications.  We use the 1 7/8 inch for travel frame lids and 1 1/4 inch for smaller crating.  Sold in packs of 100 and 500.

• Drive Type: #2 Phillips
• Head Type: Modified Truss 
• Head Size: 0.42" diameter
• Thread Diameter: #8
• Point: Type 'S' Sharp point
• Gauge: 24-20

(Note: These are not the screws we use for our Express Crate - if you need replcements, please contact us and we'd be happy to send you some.)